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Unleash Your Apex Mastery with Faith and Community


The "Church of ALC" is a video gaming church that teaches players about hidden mechanisms and hardware/software manipulation for optimal performance in video games.

The task manager and cursor size on a desktop can impact accuracy and recoil patterns. Players are taught to master calibration in an ever-changing environment, pushing their abilities to their limits and reshaping performance issues. Through faith and community, they reach their full potential and gain the power of the eyeless sight.

We have developed the most complex calibrations in video games since Pong, leading to the development of educational strategies. We pioneered terms like "bleeding settings," which affect performance and accuracy, even down to the smallest details like "Subtitle Size."

The IN GAME SETTINGS MENU has hidden aim assist and recoil values, and the tab you leave affects recoil and aim assist. (for example if you open settings and switch to audio tab, or controller tab etc then close the menu, that tab itself drastically affects accuracy.) This knowledge is being brought to the community to train individuals with the IQ and brain capacity to use it to their fullest potential.

The website aims to secure clients for in-depth, technical video game coaching sessions, hand-selecting our top students for success in an Esports competitive environment.

A B O U T   S Y N D I C A T E   6

Syndicate 6 is an Esports organization, who's leaders have recognized our dedication and pure heart in helping the community.


Los Angeles, California


+1 (310) 994 3590



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